Mount St Helens and Vicinity

The eruption of Mount St. Helens caused the largest landslide in recorded history, sweeping through the Toutle River Valley and removing 1,306 feet from the top of the volcano. Four world-class visitor centers tell the story of the mountain and the people living in the region surrounding it. Located along Spirit Lake Highway (WA 504), the centers are nothing short of unforgettable and extraordinary. The awesome views from each of the centers speak for themselves, bringing you face to face with a monumental natural event.

Each visitor center tells a part of the tale, like a captivating book with four chapters: the mountain as it was before the blast at Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Center; first-hand accounts from survivors who experienced the explosion at Johnston Ridge Observatory; the recovery of the mountain and the region at the Forest Learning Center; and its present state at the Silver Lake Visitor Center. Each center offers an unparalleled experience that brings visitors face-to-face with one of the most memorable natural phenomena of our era.


Mount St. Helens Visitor Center

5 miles from I-5

Visitor Information:

Tel: 360.274.0962

Forest Learning Center

33.5 miles from I-5

Tel: 360.274.7750 - Gift Shop

Tel: 360.414.3439 - Exhibits

Johnston Ridge Observatory

52 miles from I-5

Tel: 360.274.2140

Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Center

27 miles from I-5

Tel: 360.274.5200

Mount St. Helens Science & Learning Center

43.3 miles from I-5

Tel: 360.274.2114


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Events & Activities

  • Arts on the Mountain

  • Castle Rock Fair

  • Quilt Shows

  • Sand & Misery Challenge

  • Ash Kicker Obstacle Race

  • America In Bloom

  • I Topped the Rock Run/Walk

  • Harvest Festival

  • Rock & Gem Show

  • Cartridge Show

  • Country Quilters Bazaar

  • Music On The Mountain

  • Motorcycle Races (Nationals in August)

  • Bloomin’ Tour

  • Tour de Blast

  • Mt. Mania Run

  • Rod Run to the Rock

  • Beagle Trials

  • Bike Park Blow Out

  • Anniversary of Mt. St. Helen’s Eruption

  • Health & Science Fair

  • STP – Seattle to Portland Bike Race

  • Quilt Shop Hop

  • Festival of Lights

Recreation & Sport

  • Biking

  • Fishing

  • Camping

  • Boating

  • Hiking

  • Running

  • Walking

  • Bird-watching

  • Historical, Agricultural & Botanical Venues

  • Nature Studies

  • Art and Wineries

  • Shopping

Castle Rock Parks and Amenities


1: Lion’s Pride Park –Serves as the trailhead to the Riverfront Trail. Amenities include covered picnic areas including small barbecue units, restroom facility, and RV dump station.

2: Riverfront Trail –Trail amenities include viewing areas, benches, picnic tables, ADA accessible. Trail areas are located on both sides of the Cowlitz River. On the east side of the river is a 1.5 mile lighted, paved multi-use trail extending from Lion’s Pride Park north to just past the PH10 bridge. On the west side of the Cowlitz River the trail is constructed of compacted gravel, from the PH10 bridge to the mouth of Whittle Creek and a 1100’ paved path from PH10 bridge to the Castle Rock Sports Complex. The City of Castle Rock received the Association of Washington Cities 2004 Municipal Achievement Gold Medal Award in recognition of the Riverfront Trail Project.

3: The Rock Community Park - This is a large rocky outcropping which is the city’s namesake. A historic marker is located at the foot of the rock. Includes hiking trails and picnic tables. Bountiful ecosystem including native trees and vegetation. Not handicapped accessible.

4: Skate Park – limited to skateboard and roller blade users.

5: Memory Lane Volunteer Park – Includes playground equipment, covered picnic area and a area to plant trees in memory of a loved one.

6: BMX Park – limited to bicycles and trail bicycles.

7: Memorial Park – Includes covered picnic table.

8: Coldwater Park – located behind City Hall building – playground equipment, picnic table.

13: North County Sports Complex - Boat Launch, Picnic and Hiking Trails, Educational Opportunities, Bird Watching, Soccer, Baseball and Softball Fields, Disc Golf and Horseshoes


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